Crown preparation in 10 minutes using just 3 burs
Get a step-by-step guidance – from bur options to preparation margins
Live-demonstration of crown preparation on a phantom for general dentists
October, 20
Star at 19:00 IST
Speaker – Vitalii Naumov
Prosthetic dentist with 16 years of experience
During a crown preparation dentists often face a several problems:
Too long preparation makes it difficult to prepare numerous vital teeth during client’s visit
Insufficient preparation volume that as s result lead to incorrect crown
Difficulty with taking impressions on the day of preparation due to injured soft tissues
Step-by-step tutorial of any tooth crown preparation in 10 minutes using only 3 burs
During the live demonstration Vitalii Naumov will fully represent process of crown preparation:
As a result after the webinar you will get:
and Equipment
Consideration of the most common forms of burs and their combinations for crown preparation

You will get recommendations for selection of a minimum required number of preparation burs
Consideration of the separation features of the anterior and posterior teeth

You will get recipes for safe separation of various teeth
Obtaining clear landmarks for a preparation depth using a bur that will continue preparation

You will learn how to mark different surfaces of a tooth in just 10 seconds with no difficulty during further preparation
The technique of two-plane anatomical quick preparation for any crown preserving the maximum amount of tooth tissue.

You will learn how to carry out preliminary preparation of all tooth surfaces in just 5 minutes
The technique of the finishing bur working on different tooth surface.

You will learn how to get a tooth abutment with smooth surfaces and smooth transitions
Simple technique for creating a shoulder with literally three movements of the bur.

You will learn how to obtain a perfect shoulder edge during a crown preparation
You can ask your question and get a detailed answer to it at the end of the webinar
October, 20
Star at 19:00 IST
The master-class is based on a 16 years of Vitaly Naumov's experience
and successfully solving of 1000+ clinical cases
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About the Speaker
Vitalii Naumov
Prosthetic dentist with 16 years of experience
  • Co-author of 2 patents for invention in the section of prosthetic dentistry

  • Author of 8 articles in specialized publications on the topics of prosthetic dentistry

  • Conducted over 300 different seminars and master classes, which were attended by several thousand dentists and dental technicians

  • Owns a private practice in Odessa, Ukraine
October, 20
Star at 19:00 IST
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